Tuesday, December 12, 2017

American Dipper - Cinclus mexicanus - Grå Strömstare

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American Dipper -  Cinclus mexicanus - Grå Strömstare
© NF Photo 171004 , Lava Creek, Gardiner and Yellowstone NP,

Lava Creek

Learn more about the American Dipper HERE

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  1. What a fat little bird. You shot some great images of it.

  2. Sweet!!! I've not seen one of these before. And such perfect compositions. Wonderful.

    Again, Happy Holidays!!! And, thanks.

  3. Hello, love the cool Dipper. They are neat birds to find. Great shots. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  4. So cute! I can see how it gets its name. Happy Sunday!

  5. Nice - this is a bird I have actually seen - which makes a change!

    Cheers (and hope you had a good Christmas) - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Cute little dipper. Love the last few shots where he is puffed up, maybe he is cold or just showing off. Thanks.

  7. Loved these shots! Such an amazing little bird!

  8. The dipper is such an interesting bird to watch, and amazing in fast moving water!

  9. Hello. Scandinavian White-throated Dipper is a little more beautiful than the American Dipper... Or what you think?

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  11. We don't have dipper in India. thank you for sharing these pictures
    Love this


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