Saturday, September 17, 2016

Havsörn - Haliaeetus albicilla - White-tailed eagle

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 Breakfast is served!

 White-tailed eagle and a Black Kite

Eagle with an attitude

White-tailed Eagle and Stellar´s Eagle
© NF Photo 160202   Lake Furen, Hokkaido, Japan

This was supposed to be a post of the White- tailed Eagle but despite a LOT of images it was hard to single a specific bird out. But I guess my readers don´t mind :)
The White. tailed eagle is widespread. It is one of the eagles we have in Sweden also. The breakfast that is served is frozen fish.

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  1. Wow, awesome shots of the eagle. Well done, great post.

  2. It really must be a sight to behold ... to have eagles of ANY kind in such numbers that you have a difficult time focusing on just one species.

    Excellent. [we have the golden and bald here in USA --and they're scarce in my parts, so I'm in total envy]

    Thanks for adding this to I'd Rather B Birdin's Linking Tool this week!!


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