Saturday, September 10, 2016

Greater Scaup and Eurasian Coot

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Bergand  - Aythya marila - Greater Scaup

 sothöna -  fulica atra -  eurasian coot
© NF Photo 160128  Rausu, Japan

These birds seemed to like it in Rausu even though it was cold. Not sure why they stay here in Japan as they leave my country when it gets cold.

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  1. Fabulous photos of the scaup and the coot!! Great capture of the trail of water from the scaup's bill. Good timing.

    Again, I say my thanks.

  2. Hello, love the ducks and the coots. Great photos.

  3. They are wonderful photos...I like those shades of grey!

  4. Wonderful shots! I especially love the coot!

  5. Nice shots!:) I like the Eurasian Coot too, it's a cool looking bird.

  6. Great pictures - these are both new birds for me. Thank you for sharing them!


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