Saturday, August 27, 2016

Praktand - Anas falcata - Falcated duck

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Falcated duck flying with Mallards

Praktand - Anas falcata - Falcated duck
© NF Photo 160201  Lake Kussharo , Japan

A very beautiful duck. There was supposed to be a pair but I don´t know if the female in the last image is his.  The duck seem to look a bit like a Teal.

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  1. The birds in flight are so graceful and beautiful. Love all of your photos!

  2. Pretty!!!!
    Love the 'necklace'....

    Thank you, kindly, for stopping by I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend to add this post to the linking tool. It's always appreciated by us birders and nature lovers!!

    1. ps....what dove is that in your header?

    2. it´s a Zebra Dove - Geopelia striata, common everywhere in Honolulu.

  3. Nice shots of the ducks in flight. The odd one out is a pretty duck, and stands out with the white collar.


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