Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ejder - Somateria mollissima - Common Eider

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one year old


female and male


swimming wild waters

Ejder - Somateria mollissima - Common Eider
© NF Photo 150305, Båtsfjord, Varanger, Norway

I spent a few days in Båtsjord to watch the arctic birds from a hide. We spent the time in the hide but also went on a small boat to catch them in flight. I´ve seen them before but not wild like this. And I have not see the one year old before. 
Båtsfjord is located as far north as you can get in Norway. Even higher up then Sweden. 

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  1. What a handsome and rather bulky male ... I have not seen the Eider before. Are they considered to be in the duck family? The female looks like every female duck ... they each have some little subtle form of identification, but otherwise they all look the same. Fun that you are able to get so far north ... must be a lot to see up there. I am envious :)

    Andrea @ FromThe Sol

  2. Wonderful shots! The males have such distinctive coloring!

  3. They are remarkable ducks and I really like the flight shots.

  4. Great photos. Really nice to see them in the air as well as on the water.

  5. Love these ducks and the sound they make when courting!

  6. beautiful. What a wonderful birding experience.

  7. Splendid sea ducks - one of my favourite ducks!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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