Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ejder - Somateria mollissima - Common Eider

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Ejder - Somateria mollissima - Common Eider 
© NF Photo 140603  Tjörnin damm, Reykjavik

Last night in Reykjavik and I went to the Tjörnin damm to watch birds. And I was lucky to see newly hatched eiders. But I also did wee one eider male eating from the people feeding them with bread. That can´t be good.

This is the last post with birds from Iceland. This was not a birding trip but I still managed to get 25 bird species photographed in those seven days. Some of them lifers. And captured while the others on the trip were having lunch. :)

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  1. Great captures of the Eider! They are a winter duck, seen on our coast too. Happy weekend!

  2. That first photo is magnificent!! I've not seen any of this kind in the wild...and probably won't ever get the opportunity. So...I'm blessed that you took the time to post some fantastic images.

    Thanks for sharing your link here this weekend!! Have a happy week ahead.

  3. Simply gorgeous! First one is my favorite too :)

  4. Great abundance of bird shots from that trip! That's awesome! Love that you saw the newly hatched eiders.

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog.
    These are beautiful pictures of the Eider.
    The little ones are so cute.
    Best regards, Irma


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