Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gräsand - Anas platyrhynchos - Mallard , Hawaiian Duck, Anas wyvilliana

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The male seem to be moulting.

Hawaiian Duck, Anas wyvilliana
Gräsand - Anas platyrhynchos - Mallard
© NF Photo 130818 Honolulu

The Mallard are also to be found in Honolulu. But I can actually see they seem to be a bit different from other mallards I´ve seen. One thing is the bill. On the female it seems to be blue. And the butt is kept higer then usual. Very obvious on the chicks. They usually keep the tail feathers down.

This one seems to be Hawaiian Duck - Anas wyvilliana, a close relative to the Mallard.
Snippet: JustificationThis species qualifies as Endangered because it is inferred to have a very small and fragmented range on a few islands, where wetlands are being lost and degraded, and where hybridisation is slowly reducing the number of pure individuals.
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Many thanks to Christain W for the hint. :)

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  1. I love the reflectiveness of the water...beautiful shots.

  2. That third image is incredible.

  3. Great shots!! Boom, Bobbi and Gary.

  4. Wow, yes they are different, the mallards of Hawaii are a subspecies and are listed as endangered.

  5. Really nice series of ducks. Really like the 3rd shot.


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