Saturday, July 12, 2014

No ID so far on this wader

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© NF Photo 130824, Koko Point, Oahu

This is a wader I found at KOKO POINT outside Honolulu last August. I have not been able to find which one it is and are hoping somebody can help out. It was alone. 

Bird D´Pot   Wandering Tattler
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  1. Very nice! I love the shot where he's looking straight at you!

  2. I've been to that area....Wish I was there right now.

    Hope you can ID the beauty. I of course am of no use...those shore birds are a challenge to find out what species they are.

    Thank you, for linking up this weekend. Much appreciated.

  3. It is a pretty shorebird. Have you tried the facebook id group. They have been a big help to me in the past.


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